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What can we say about Natural corn fed beef?

  • Raised without any growth hormones or steroids
  • No antibiotic while being fed
  • Raised in an open, spacious, humane atmosphere

Here at North Star Premium Beef, Inc, we take the process one step farther. All the feeds that we offer to our cattle are home raised. By feeding our cattle a mixture of corn, alfalfa and corn silage, we are able to achieve a finished beef product of the utmost quality. Here at North Star Premium Beef Inc. we absolutely will never feed any feed by-products to any of our cattle.

It has long been an industry secret that corn is the key ingredient in producing tender, juicy and flavorful beef. Using home raised corn means two things: taste and tenderness.

Our philosophy is simple - we offer only the highest levels of home raised feeds to our cattle and in return we know we will be able to offer to you, our valued customer, a finished beef product that you will enjoy time and time again.

When you purchase a North Star Premium Beef product, you can rest assured that not only will you receive a great tasting product, but also one that is healthy, fresh and of the highest quality.

To achieve this level of quality, all North Star Premium Beef products are USDA inspected and approved, flash frozen and vacuum sealed to lock in all the natural goodness, quality and flavor that only North Star Premium Beef Inc. can provide.

Taste the difference - North Star Premium Beef, the Natural Choice.

Natural, corn fed beef from North Star Premium Beef

filet mignon, natural corn fed beef

North Star Premium Beef, Angus Cattle

natural corn fed beef gourmet burgers

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